Is The Second Kid Any Easier?

by Paul on July 15, 2008

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As Mike announced last week, my wife and I are now expecting our second child. Obviously we are very excited our little family is growing by one.

Since we found out the good news, I’ve been wondering what it’s going to be like with another child. Will it be easier or more difficult this time around? I could see how that question could be answered both ways.

Having never experienced raising two children, here are my thoughts. I should revisit this in a couple years and see if I was right.


  • We’ve already gone through the “loss of freedom shock”
  • We’re more experienced – we know some of the tricks already
  • We have a lot of the “stuff” – clothes, cribs, bottles, toys, etc.
  • An extra set of hands – I’m sure my daughter will be able to help a bit with things
  • It can’t be any harder, right? Right?

Not Easier

  • Double the mouths, bummies, and bodies
  • No two kids are the same
  • An extra set of hands – I’m sure my daughter will WANT to “help” a bit with things (even when we don’t need it)

So, that’s what I can come up with right now. Any other ideas? Personal experiences?

In closing, I leave you with something my daughter told my wife last week. “If you cut an orange in half, it looks like a pizza inside.” So true.

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