Diary of a Worm

by Paul on July 22, 2008

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My daughter’s favorite book this week is called Diary of a Worm and is written by Doreen Cronin of Click Clack Moo fame. If you don’t know, Click Clack Moo, I suggest you check it out too.

Diary of a Worm is, as the title suggests, the diary of a little boy worm with a red baseball cap. The book mixes text from the “diary” with illustrations of the diary entries. In it we learn little worms aren’t so different than little people.

Here are some of the worm’s diary entries:

  • “Never bother Dad when he’s eating the newspaper.”
  • “I forgot my school lunch. I was so hungry I ate my homework The teacher punished me by making me write. When I was finished I ate that too.”
  • “Today was the school dance. You put your head in. You put your head out. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about. That all we could do.”

That last one really cracked me up. The book is filled with that type of humor. It’s just a really cute book. My 2 year old doesn’t get all the jokes, but she loves the illustrations and hearing about this little worm. And I love reading aloud about this little worm.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

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