I Am A Couple Different Kinds Of Sick

by beagooddad on July 23, 2008

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I managed to catch whatever stomach thing Pookie and BeAGoodMom a couple days after they were all recovered. Yuck and blah.

So, that’s one of my kids of sick.

The other is about shock jocks on the radio. Michael Savage just decided to say that 99% of autism is not really autism but bad parenting and parents trying to get benefit money. The autism community is of course pissed. AFLAC and a couple other sponsors have apparently pulled advertising on the show.

But before we get into a why are people picking on autistic kids and their parents, lets remember this guy makes a living picking on people. He is constantly getting in trouble for making fun of people for race, religion, color and whatever else will piss off as many people as possible. Those people then call into the radio station to complain. Ratings go up and both he and the station makes money.

Sometimes people complain loudly enough to the stations and/or the sponsors and guys like him lose their job…for a while. Savage has been fired in the past for over the top statements and is currently on the air. Imus has been fired a time or two in recent memory but is back on the air just waiting for a chance to say something shocking and newsworthy.

I’m not going to waste any more of my time complaining to or even about Michael Savage. He truly does not care about my opinion. He knows that survival on the radio is all about making as many people either love or hate you. People that just don’t give a crap are what actually hurt his wallet.

I will say that I am no more offended than when he bashes some other demographic that I don’t happen to belong to and it made me ponder whether or not the groups that are around to support/promote these various groups spend any time getting irate when members of the other groups are attacked. For example, are autism groups upset about the lack of gay rights? Are the Hispanic groups upset at the school conditions in mostly black communities? Don’t all of these issues really all feed into the same types of discrimination and misinformation? I just think it would make a much stronger impact if somebody was bashing a group and members of all the other groups came out to voice their opinion that it was not acceptable.

For some more friendly autism reading, Angela from Mommy Bytes has a nice post about autism and learning to understand the world from their perspective a little better.

While researching Michael Savage, I also found an interesting article from Kim Stagliano of The Huggington Post where she expresses a great deal of frustration about the public perception that kids with autism just need more discipline which I think is worth a read.

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