That One Thing You Hate

by beagooddad on July 25, 2008

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I don’t pick on my kids online nearly as much as I probably should. We all know kids drive parents crazy from time to time but I don’t spend a whole lot of energy talking about it because I like talking about the fun things more.

Anyway, Pookie has a new thing that he’s doing. It involves yelling. Pookie definitely understands that when something doesn’t go your way you are supposed to yell about it. He’s going to be a fine American. But it isn’t just the yelling that is bugging me. It is the way he does it. He’s a big fan, like President of the Fan Club big, of the Muppet Babies. During one of the episodes, the Muppets are drawing their own animated cartoons. One of the characters has bad stuff happen to him in his own cartoon and wants to get out of the cartoon. He is apparently lying on his back kicking his feet and pounding his fists and yelling, “I want out of this cartoon.” I only know this because Pookie now does that during his tantrums. He runs very dramatically to a piece of furniture to lay on and then enacts the script. Sometimes I can’t tell if he is actually angry or just pretending to be angry…which sometimes makes me angry. Please, oh please, let this phase pass quickly.

Geetle has a fun (NOT) one that she is doing these days, too. She’ll start to say something like “the sun is blue” except she’s not telling a joke. She’s trying to show how much smarter than me she is. While it is sometimes the case that she is smarter than me, I happen to know that what she said is wrong and I’ll say something like, “Is the sun blue today? I think it is normally yellow.” To which she replies, “I know” in a really annoying sing-songy, whiny voice that I wasn’t supposed to have to deal with until she was at list 15. My first impulse is to tell her that she is grounded for the weekend and can’t go to the mall with her friends before I realize that she is only 5 and is really pretty much always grounded since she can’t go anywhere by herself anyway.

The only thing Giggles does that bugs me is when she blows bubbles with her formula. That’s like throwing money out the window, you know.

What are your kids doing these days that are particularly pushing your buttons?

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