Dearth Of Creativity

by beagooddad on July 29, 2008

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I have been feeling a desire to do some more creative things besides just throwing up blog posts on the internet on a near daily basis. I actually started out in the blogging world because I started reading blogs by fiction writers and decided that I should play along in the hopes of actually getting peer pressured into writing something fictional myself. No luck so far and I managed to wander into writing different kinds of blogs over the last couple or so years.

The whole NaNoWriMo has always seemed crazy (50,000 words in a month!) and tempting to me but I have always chickened out before committing. Paul managed to get his rough draft written last year and I know he’s a little crazy.

We have a little vacation coming up in the near future so I stopped to by a nice fluff read during the trip. I also managed to wander over to the Writer’s Reference section and buy a copy of No Plot? No Problem! before common sense prevailed. I read the first half while doing some fine parenting between the end of my work shift and when BeAGoodMom got home from the office. By that point I had decided to give it a try.

Not in Novemeber. Right now. Like starting last night.

After all, I have no plot…so I must have no problems starting a book, right? The book is pretty motivating and really makes you want to dive in.

Actually, I do have at least a character and a location. The location is one that I have kicked around and wanted to write about for a little over a year now. The character is new. See that blue curvy line in the face. Pookie drew that on a piece of paper the other day. It is the letter R. I added my own R’s to it and ended up with a face. He’s my first character. The script was entirely supplied by Pookie and I have no idea where it comes from. But he was very adamant that I write it exactly as you see it.

The story is going to be aimed at the Junior High age (hopefully) and I should have the rough draft done by August 31st (I’m giving myself a couple extra days because of the vacation and a very high pressure work deadline that also happens to be August 31st). Yes, I know this is a bad month to start something like this but from what I can tell writing a book is like having a baby. There is never a good time to start.

To meet my goal, I’ll have to write 1429 words a day. Yesterday was Day 1 of my 35 day month and I managed to write 1700+ and had fun thinking of ways to get everybody started on having lots of troubles. I’ll try to give a weekly update or something like that. I’m really hoping peer pressure can really drag me along.

So, if posts around here tend to have a lot of pictures and few words or happen to only show up every couple days, please forgive me. I’m writing a book.

If you happen to have any ideas for guest posts, now would be a great time to get in touch via the comments on the Contact Me button just under the header.

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