Back To The Real World

by beagooddad on August 7, 2008

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Our vacation is over and it was a smashing success. Their were a couple minor hiccups mostly involving wake up times. Pookie had a couple days when he thought 4am seemed like a great time to start the day. But even on those days, all of the kids were amazingly engaged and entertained.

We took about 1000 pictures while we were gone. I’ll go through them sometime soon and make a little photo post.

Here are a few of the biggest surprises of the trip:

  • Giggles decided to start crawling. Just a few steps during one night of the vacation but just yesterday I saw her crawling all over the floor to get to the toys she wanted which were normally whatever non age appropriate toy she could find int he room.
  • Geetle had more fun riding these 6 person tandem bikes than anything else during the trip. She wants us to buy one and decided that she could start a paper route or deliver pizzas to earn the money.
  • Pookie had two that I can’t decide which was more surprising. He will literally run out of the room of Giggles starts crying but has no trouble handling the noise and chaos of waiting in line to ride roller coasters or the 50 minute drop water slides. I’ll be writing more about that sometime soon. Also, Pookie walked over to Giggles started pulling on her arm because he wanted to high five her. Completely out of nowhere. One day during the trip, BeAGoodMom was changing Giggles’ diaper. She had just removed the diaper when Pookie crawled over, spun Giggles onto her belly, put one of his hands on the ground, put her hand on top of his, put his other hand on top of hers and then tried to figure out how to get her other hand to finish the stack. BeAGoodMom helped Giggles and then Pookie raised his hands to break the stack and walked away smiling. Funny dude. I think Pookie is very rapidly turning the corner into fully accepting Giggles. I think most of that credit has to do with BeAGoodMom spending time working with Pookie to have him say, “No Giggles, give it back” and similar stuff when Giggles is bugging Pookie. Knowing how to react when he is unhappy with her seems to be making him more confidant to be around her. Good job, BeAGoodMom.

We’re all still a little tired from the trip and all the things you have to do after the trip. BeAGoodMom had to stop at the grocery store after a long day of work yesterday to restock our completely empty fridge and has had to talk to her boss about changing her schedule for a while because of a coworker that will be gone for 6 weeks (which also means more work for BeAGoodMom). I’m back neck deep in the evil work project.

It is nice to be back in our own bed, though.

Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

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