Baby Einstein Spanish Cards

by beagooddad on August 10, 2008

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Pookie has been trying to learn Spanish for a couple years now. Every time we go to the bookstore he asks for Baby Einstein Spanish Cards. We have a love/hate relationship with Baby Einstein so we never bought them.

He talked my mom into them on Saturday. Since then he like to flip through the cards and say stuff like “bear is el oso.” Then he’ll look at me or beagoodmom to see if he pronounced it correctly. It’s very cute. He also has been working on spelling the words and spent some time today writing the English words. My sister is teaches Spanish speaking kids grade school classes mostly in Spanish so Pookie will at least have somebody that knows more than “Yo quiero Taco Bell.” (Note for sister: make sure you teach him how to roll his R’s because I cannot do that)

Like most obsessions with Pookie these days, we are learning that it is better to embrace it than to fight it. He is going to have the obsession whether we want to talk about it or not so we might as well engage him with it and get some conversation going.

He has also added a new picture to his drawing routine. He draws the sun on the cover of the box. It is one of only a very few pictures that use multiple colors for one object and the bright yellow, orange, pink and red are very perky.

A lot of his stimming activity seems to be expanding. He still does all the old scripts and activities but he’s constantly adding new ones and mixing them together to use in new and interesting ways. Pretty interesting stuff to watch.

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