Definitely Not Identical Twins

by beagooddad on August 12, 2008

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My favorite question that I get asked as a father of twins is, “Are they identical?” I always want to say, “Do you know what identical means?” After all one of them is clearly a girl and the other clearly a boy. One is about two inches taller than the other.

Other than appearances, though, the kids are clearly very different little critters.

We have always been an earlier to bed, early to rise type of family. When they were born, I worked 6am to 2:30pm and the kids just got used to that schedule somewhere alone the way.

My schedule has shifted later over the years but the we all still basically start the day around 6-6:30am.

But Geetle is starting to rebel against that. She frequently is the last out of bed and spends her first hour or so laying around half asleep. She’s in for a rude awakening when school starts in a couple weeks and we set the alarm at 6am and get her eating, dressing, bushing her teeth, etc. so she can make the bus. Fortunately, when she does have something planned for the morning, she is normally pretty perky and quick to get ready most of the time.

Pookie on the other hand is still quite a happy camper at 6am. In fact, this morning I had to get into work early so I set my alarm for 5:30am. Giggles needed a pacifier at about 5:25am so when I got back in bed I just turned off the alarm. Pookie started talking to himself when I went to help Giggles so I stayed in bed a couple minutes to see if he would fall back asleep if the house stayed quiet.

At 6am, I woke up (yeah, I had fallen back asleep – I’m just glad I woke up again before noon). Pookie had already gotten out of bed, gone to the bathroom, changed his clothes, headed downstairs and started drawing pictures. Based on the pile of paper he had been drawing for at least 15 minutes so he probably got out of bed right when I got back into bed.

I think he will be find with the morning routine when school starts. The biggest problem for him will be getting him to actually eat breakfast and get mentally ready for catching the bus instead of plopping down at the art table to do some real work.

August 27th is when our kids head back to school. When does your summer come to an end?

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