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by beagooddad on August 13, 2008

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For those of you that haven’t discovered the awesomeness of BeAGoodMom’s blog, you should head over immediately because she is writing about our recent vacation to Cincinnati complete with pictures.

Geetle is really on the prowl these days. When all of us wander to a different room leaving her happily playing with her toys, it is very common for her to poke her head around the doorway a couple minutes later just to see what we are up to. It is also very common for her to crawl away from her toys to play with the curtains, stairs or crumbs of food that haven’t yet been swept from the floor.

Geetle said something funny the other day. She called the three of them triplets. I find that funny since the three were all conceived during the same egg retrieval, IVF procedure. If we had let them put all three in at once that month, they very well could have really been triplets. I’m still amazed that they kept Giggles frozen for 4+ years until we were ready for her. Weird science.

Pookie wants to be in charge of the fish tank. I set up a timer on it a while back since I am horrible about remembering to turn the light on and off. It turns on at 9:30am and off at 8:45pm. Pookie has lurned how to override the timer and has started turning the timer on at 7:30am. Then at 9:30am, the lights turn themselves off. I might have to adjust the start and stop times.

Here’s an update about me. I’m dropping out of Kyuki-Do for a while. I had been planning on training along with the kids and getting belts with them. I have learned that I am unable to give Pookie the assistance he needs and also pay attention for myself without getting angry and frustrated. So, I will still be there in uniform but will only be there to help Pookie. Also, I’m 18,600 words into my book that I started right before vacation. I’m slightly behind my target pace but quickly gaining ground. If you are interested in watching me trying my own NaNoWriMo experiment in August, I’m writing about it on one of my other blogs.

BeAGoodMom is on a sewing obsession so strong I’m beginning to wonder if it is safe to leave my underwear unattended because she might be short on fabric someday and use them for scrap fabric on some project.

What’s new in your neck of the woods?

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