My Little Shopping Bag

by Paul on August 19, 2008

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Today’s book review is one we’ve had for a long time, but it’s a goodie. The book is titled My Little Shopping Bag by Claire Bampton. This one is a board book shaped like a little shopping bag with a plot designed to indoctrinate our youth with the beauties of capitalism and cooking. Well, not really. It’s pretty much a cute book featuring a little bear who goes to the store gather the ingredients needed to bake a cake.

As you turn the pages of the board book, you get to see more items from Teddy Bear Thomas’ shopping bag. The text of the book asks the readers questions such as: “‘I need three eggs’, says Thomas. Does he have enough in his bag?” In addition to the text, at the top of the book are little illustrations featuring Thomas baking his cake.

Here are some of my daughter’s favorite parts. She likes the part where they call the jelly “sticky and yummy”. She’ll bring out this little phrase anytime we make PB & J.

My wife also tell me my daughter likes to say, “Teddy Bear Thomas, don’t make a mess!” I don’t know when my daughter would have heard that. :)

Anyhow, this is a really cute book. My wife likes it, I like it, and most of all my daughter likes it. In fact, she kept the book beside her potty for an entire week. You can’t beat that for a recommendation!

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