A Question About Time

by beagooddad on August 21, 2008

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If you could have magical powers, which would you time control power would you prefer:

  • Ability to need no sleep – You get full 24 hour days and never get sleepy.
  • Stop time – Perfect for if you need a 12 hour nap during work.
  • 48 hour day – All of your deadlines stay where they are but you get 48 hours per calendar day. For this to work, that would mean that nobody added new things to your schedule to fill your newly found time. You would also still have to sleep an extra time each day. And kids under 18 would need 36 hours of sleep a day.
  • Leave time alone. Everything is perfect.

I’m voting for the 48 hour days for a little while. I would abuse the stopping of time and I don’t really need that much sleep anyway so the first to would be pointless. But, for the rest of the month during this work project, I would love to have a couple extra hours to work on the project and then another 10 or so to do fun projects which would mean that I would actually have time to do the things I should be doing around the house.

Which would you pick? Or do you have your own person magical time power that you’d prefer?

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