Not dead.

by beagooddad on September 16, 2008

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Hello, Beagoodmom here. Just hacking into my husband’s site to let you know that he is still alive. I did not bury him in the back yard. I have not dug any suspicious holes or carried any rolled up carpets out of the house in months. He has been busy with a work project and does not have time to blog lately, I swear. The work project is big and hairy. I am not sure what it is all about but these are some of the things I hear when he is on the phone:

Are they getting the functional acknowledgements?
No, the parameters are wrong for GIS.
What about the 850s?
Are the 856s getting invoice errors?
If the ASNs are missing in SAP we are going to have to inventory the 810 invoices.
You have to get the Express Scripts moved over to AS2 or you will have to resend all the parameters.
Can we delineate the specs?
You can’t have a 5 character product ID in a 4 character field.
They are going to need to validate Gentran server with GIS, SAP and the Hamburglar.

Ok, I made that last one up. But just the last one. The rest are all real. As far as I can remember. I think he might be planning a secret invasion of Canada or something. Last week I thought he was talking in code because he was planning me a surprise birthday party, but it turned out that he really does talk like that at work.

So, he is still here. The project is almost over. I am sure he will be back soon with some interesting topics to discuss. In the mean time, let me give you a few thoughts to get you going. Here are 3 things BAGD would approve of your discussing in his absence:

1. Why are there no baby changing tables in men’s bathrooms? If Applebee’s does not have one in their men’s room, is it OK to change the baby at your table?

2. How much should you spend on your child’s school pictures? You know its going to be a lousy shot, they are ridiculously priced and you could get much better ones at Picture People, but you still feel compelled to buy the official “school picture” don’t you? Why?

3. Should parents of Special Needs children be excited about Sarah Palin? Does it matter that Sarah Palin has a child with Down’s Syndrome? Can we expect that she will look out for us in Washington, working hard for all sorts of pro-SN legislation? Does she owe us that anyway? Is it wrong to vote for her just because her child and yours have something in common?


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