Preschool Open House – Geetle

by beagooddad on October 3, 2006

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Geetle’s Open House was for the whole family.  Pookie was thrilled because he has been dying to play with the toys in Geetle’s room ever since they started dropping Geetle off for school on the first day of school.

This open house was much more about the kids showing off the classroom to the parents.

Geetle showed off her cubby which has her name written on it.  She has learned to recognize her name since school started.  She showed off the chore board and told us the various jobs she has had to do.  So far line leader and weather reporter seem to be the popular ones.  She showed off Sunny, the class hamster.

We played on the playground for a little while and then in the activity room.  Somewhere when I wasn’t paying attention over the last few weeks, Geetle and Pookie both got very good at swinging on the big kid swings.  Is there anything these kids can’t learn at school?
One of the funny moments was when Pookie grabbed a puzzle that they have with the numbers 1-20 on the pieces.  The pieces all fit in one big opening instead of little individual ones.  He dumped it out and proceeded to put it back together placing each piece in order and saying the number.  Geetle’s teacher seemed impressed.  I don’t think many kids in her class can do it.
They also had applesauce that the kids had made earlier that day and some cookies made from the dough that Geetle’s class is selling for their fund raiser.

All in all, a very different experience than Pookie’s school’s open house.  At first I thought the difference was a special education versus normal education thing, but that’s not really it.  Geetle goes to a private school that happens to specialize in kids with special needs with a fair number of their kids having special needs.  It might be a difference between private and public schools.  Maybe public schools have tighter rules for their open houses.

Either way, I am very happy with the way both open houses went.  We wanted to be able to ask a lot of questions of Pookie’s teacher so having that be adult only was perfect.  The family night feel at Geetle’s open house was nice because Geetle got to show off her class and Pookie got to play in there.  Just goes to show there is more than one way to do almost anything.

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