Baby Milestones

by beagooddad on September 22, 2008

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Giggles has learned a couple new tricks over the last few days. If she has a stationary item in front of her that is taller than 1 foot, she will pull herself up to her feet. She has also started some basic cruising. If she is next to two such objects she will move her hands from one to the other.

And yesterday, I was home alone with Giggles and Pookie. Pookie was drawing approximately 1000 pictures. Giggles was crawling around the basement chewing on toys. She ended up by the stairs and climbed the first one. I rushed over behind her and watched her crawl all the way up the stairs. She did it twice for me and then once for BeAGoodMom when she got home. I have a feeling she is a bit like a kitten right now. She’s good at getting up but I don’t think she will be ready to think about coming down for a little while.

She is also getting dangerously close to being able to stand on her own without holding on to anything. Instead of just collapsing, she has started to try and keep her balance and has managed a few times where she stayed up for a couple seconds.

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