Reading Comprehension

by beagooddad on October 8, 2008

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Geetle and Pookie have really stepped up their independent reading recently. Geetle is constantly reading books out loud. The other day, BeAGoodMom, Giggles and I sat on our bed while Pookie read a couple Dr. Seuss books to us while pointing at each word. At the same time, Geetle was in her bed reading her own books out loud.

Also, recently, I was reading a bedtime book with Pookie on a night he asked to go to bed early. While reading the book I kept asking him questions like, “How many fish are there?” and “What color dress is the girl wearing?” without pointing at the pictures. He kept getting them right.

The question that he answered that impressed me the most, though, went something like, “What color car is the yellow bird driving?” He had been doing so well that I decided to push him a little bit. I completely expected him to quickly say yellow just as an echolalic response. Instead, he correctly answered blue and touched the blue car.

Just another one of those little differences that we are noticing recently that really highlight just how much he has changed over the last few months.

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