Election Question

by beagooddad on October 17, 2008

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I was watching the debate earlier this week and wondered what the candidates could possibly say that would change my decision about who I will be voting for. It just seems pretty silly to have these four politicians constantly in our face when in reality most people know exactly who they are voting for as soon as the primaries are over.

So out of curiosity, has either of the candidates said anything that made you decide to not vote for who you expected or to make you suddenly decide to vote for the one that you weren’t planning on since the primaries concluded.

And are there really any people left who are trully undecided at this point?

Now I’m not interested in hearing why you are voting for whoever you are voting for. I just want to know if you have changed your mind since the primaries or if it is even realistically possible for you to do so at this point.

Fun fact: According to the radio this morning (I think it was NPR) the politicians will be spending nearly $1 billion on trying to get elected. I’m not sure if that included all of the people running in the primaries, too, but either way that is a whole lot of money to pick an elected official.

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