Arkansas Adoption Act

by beagooddad on October 31, 2008

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Besides just voting on presidents and local officials, don’t forget that you will also be voting on some proposed laws.

For example, Arkansas is trying to ban gays from being able to adopt. Well, not really gays (according to the act) but unmarried people who are living with someone else. Go read the FAQ for the Arkansas Adoption Act.

So, they say that the best homes are the homes with a mother and a father. So, therefore, anybody who is married can adopt (or be a foster parent). Anybody who is unmarried but living with a partner (gay or straight) cannot. But anybody who is unmarried but not living with a partner can adopt or be a foster parent.

I’m so confused.

So a single man and a single woman who have been living unmarried together for 10 years cannot adopt. But if they moved into separate homes, they could?


But maybe I shouldn’t expect to understand the act. It is clearly a work in progress. Go back and read FAQ #6.

Again, and this seems to be becoming a theme, can we stop trying to pass laws that are about discriminating and limiting the rights of certain segments of our society that are not married, heterosexual, and Christian.

Check out FAQ #19:

19. Does this act discriminate?
No. Treating homosexuals the same as heterosexuals is not discrimination. This act treats cohabiting homosexuals exactly the same as cohabiting heterosexuals. There is nothing discriminatory about finding good homes for adoptive and foster care children.

Technically it is true that the law does not discriminate against homosexuals. In practice it is not true, however. It is against the law for homosexuals to marry in Arkansas. Therefore, they cannot marry. So their choice is cohabitate and not adopt or live alone and adopt. Heterosexuals can cohabitate and adopt or live alone and adopt. That smells like discrimination to me.

One study that I would really love to see (and if you know of it, please let me know). Somewhere on the site they mention that unmarried couples living together would make bad adoptive parents because they are more likely to break up which would be bad for the kid. I want to know what percentage of gay couples that have been allowed to adopt have ended up breaking up. I would like to see that compared against the straight married couples that have been able to adopt.

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