Trick or Treating

by beagooddad on November 3, 2008

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Trick or Treating has come and gone.

Geetle has already picked out her costume for next year, and each of about the following 5 years.

Giggles rode happily in her stroller wearing her little pumpkin costume and was happy to smear chocolate on her face while trying a few candies.

Pookie actually participated this year. Our kids went with a couple play date friends. Pookie followed the herd up to the door, held his bag out to have candy deposited into it, and marched around the neighborhood. The last couple years, we had to struggle to get him to even go to 10 houses. This year he completely circled the block.

Besides just being older and more understanding of the world in general, I contribute a lot of the success to two things:

  • BeAGoodMom totally pimping our house with homemade Halloween decorations
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s Halloween book. Pookie loves this book so we’ve been reading it frequently to help encourage the whole trick or treating phenomenon.

I’ll I really have to say about that is, what’s the deal with parents using books by comedians to teach their children life skills?

Anyway, Halloween was a big success this year. Hopefully BeAGoodMom will post some pictures for me to link to someday.

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