Targeting My Volunteer Time

by beagooddad on November 21, 2008

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I while back I put myself on notice that I need to start taking a more active role in the community without having any idea what direction that would take. I’ve been doing some casual searching to find my calling and see what kind of local things are available.

I’m leaning towards adult literacy. We have a local literacy group that is a member of the national ProLiteracy organization.

I am a huge supporter of the benefit of people being able to read. There may be no skill more important. You can’t even fill out a job application or health care form without being able to read. I can’t even imagine trying to navigate and survive in the world without basic reading skills.

So, I’m planning on giving our local branch a call to talk about exactly how the training works and how the volunteer schedule works, etc. It looks like their next intro training session is in early January because of the holidays.

If anybody out their on the intertubes knows something good, bad, or indifferent about the ProLiteracy organization, I would love to hear you thoughts. Thanks.

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