Perfect Time For The First Snow On The Ground

by beagooddad on November 25, 2008

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Sunday night brought a little bit of snow. Not even enough to cover all of the grass but enough for Geetle to make a sign saying “its snow mom and dad” and bring it into our bedroom before we even woke up.

They both were outside before 8:30am having a snowball fight (which involved throwing snowflakes at each other since there wasn’t enough for real snowballs). They were back inside before 9am and nobody even asked for hot cocoa. They must be losing their touch.

Pookie went outside about 4 different times for about 15 minutes each for a little snow eating and swing set time. He’s already done it again once this morning and it is 8:15. Actually, he just walked back outside again so make that twice.

He’s never home during the week because of school and we’ve been busy and away on a lot of the weekend days recently. I wonder if this is just what he does on days where he gets to stay home.

With Giggles sick yesterday and today, it is nice to have the kids decide to spend some time out in the backyard since we really can’t get in the car and go anywhere. Giggles has been staying awake for about an hour before needing to go back to sleep.

I’m watching Pookie gathering up snow on his gloves and eating it off. Thank you snow for picking a perfect time to visit.

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