Who Are These People

Pookie – My son (6)

Geetle – My oldest daughter (6)

Pookie – My son (6) – he 16 minutes younger than Geetle. Yes, they are twins. No, they are not identical. Pookie has autism and echolalia.

Taco Supreme – Our baby (this was her blog nickname before she was born)

Giggles – The same baby as Taco Supreme. She is now 18 months old and pretty sure that she is 6. Technically, she kind of is since they were all part of the same IVF egg retrieval.

Beagoodmom – My wife and their mom.

Beagooddad – Me. A lot of people find out about this site through the search engines by searching for various aspects of infertility and IVF since I am infertile and all of our children were made possible by the fine IVF doctors and nurses.

T-Man – Pookie’s and Geetle’s cousin

Baby Belaina – T-Man’s baby sister

Mamaw – My mom

Papaw – My dad

Grandma V – Beagoodmom’s mom (comments here as MOM)

Papa – Beagoodmom’s dad

Aunt Bean – T-man and Belaina’s mom (Beagoodmom’s SIL)

JB – T-man and Belaina’s dad (Beagoodmom’s brother)

Aunt Kel – Beagoodmom’s sister

Aunt Shell – my sister

Uncle Mark (or sometimes “My Mark”) – My BIL.

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